Community Over Competition

I saw a quote yesterday that hit me hard, competition happens at the bottom, collaboration happens at the top. It's common to feel like you're in constant competition with others in your field. However, I believe that this mindset is counterproductive. In my three years of experience, I've seen many boutique owners come and go, and I've learned that it's important to support each other rather than compete.

During my first year in the business, I faced unexpected challenges such as bullying and harassment. I received threatening emails and mean comments on social media, which was disheartening. I never understood why people felt the need to attack me or my business. I want to encourage anyone who is interested in starting their own online store that it's possible. I'm not special, I just work hard and learn from my mistakes. It's crucial to support other business owners and lift each other up instead of tearing each other down.

Being a business owner is challenging, but with a positive and supportive community, anything is possible.