Dallas Market Trip Fall 2022


Preparing for our market trip is always an adventure. Adrienne almost missed her flight because of a parking issue at the Kansas City Airport (if you are flying out of MCI anytime soon note there is a lack of parking due to construction). But we all made it to Dallas safely!


We like to plan our market trips for the end of the week. I try to skip the chaos of the first few days. We specifically wanted to find new holiday graphic tees and more designer inspired jewelry.


This was our second trip to market this year and we bought our fall/winter collection. Holiday and fall themed graphic tees and a ton of plaid were at the top of our list. Plenty of cozy pants and soft sweatshirts also! We scored a few items for spring 2023 as well. We will keep you all updated as the new collections roll in! Holiday season is our favorite so stay tuned for plenty of fun surprises!